We would love for you to use your gifts to serve our honored guests. Night To Shine cannot happen without you! Each and every person that serves makes a direct impact on our guests that they will never forget.


Please read through all of the volunteer opportunities to find what works best for you.


Buddies “host” one of our honored guests by showing them around, eating dinner with them, taking pictures with them, and of course, dancing! It’s the job of the buddy to ensure that his or her honored guest has a special friend to share in the fun for the entire evening.


We offer a dress shop with complimentary prom dresses for our honored guest.  The dress shop is open certain days in December and January for our guests to shop.


Our hair and makeup team consists of professional cosmetologists who can do hair and makeup touch ups for our honored guests along with hair gel for our male honored guests.


With professional shoeshine boxes this is a way we give each male honored guest the VIP treatment.


With over 500 volunteers we need a group of organized workers to help team check-in and guide all of our guests to their locations.


As our honored guests arrive, we have a team of caring people to welcome them and help them feel comfortable in our environment.


This team will assist our guests and their families with any belongings when they arrive.


Parent escorts are the people who help walk the parents and caregivers of our honored guests to different locations on our church campus.


Each honored guest and buddy will have a Pre-Prom dinner before walking the red carpet.  Our dinner volunteers will help serve and clear tables assisting with any duties to help dinner run smoothly.


Each honored guest will take a limo around campus to the red carpet.  Our limo team helps assist our honored guests into the limo and out of the limo at the red carpet.


We provide snacks to our honored guests during the prom.  The snacks team helps replenish the snacks and keep our lobbies clean.


Our flower team works behind the scenes to arrange all the flower arrangements and make the corsages and boutonnieres. During the event this team presents them to our honored guests.


The Red Carpet team cheers for each honored guest as they walk the red carpet into prom.  This team has a front row seat and makes our honored guests feel like the kings and queens of the prom.


When our honored guests want to take a break from dancing on the dance floor they love to Karaoke!  Our karaoke team helps our honored guests pick songs, make a waiting list to perform and help build energy. 


Some of our younger volunteers are needed to help build energy on the dance floor.  These people lead dances and help get our honored guests out on the dance floor.


These volunteers are vital to the safety of the event.  Our bathroom attendants stand outside the bathrooms and greet our guests.  If any of our honored guests need assistance the attendant goes to get their caregiver to help.


Greeters are the smiling faces at the doors that help give directions and answer questions during the event.


At Night to Shine we have a full videography/photography team that captures every aspect of the event.


We not only want to provide a magical evening for our honored guests, we also want to give their parents/caregivers a chance to rest for the night. Our parent hospitality volunteers will help serve snacks and socialize with the parents/caregiver of our honored guests.


Sometimes being at prom can be a little overwhelming and some honored guests need to take a break.  Our sensory room is just the place for that.  Sensory room volunteers help our honored guests when they need to take a break.


At Night to Shine we will have around 900 people on our campus and we need a wonderful crew to direct guests where to park when they arrive and to direct traffic.


During Night to Shine we will have guests in most areas of our campus.  Our medical volunteers will be located in different areas monitoring any medical needs that might arise.


At Night to Shine we will have around 900 people on our campus.  We need a full security team in place to make sure everyone stays safe.

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